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Superior performance and advanced tools for the most demanding clients.

Cpanel Starter
£3.50 Monthly
  • 2GB Web space
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • 20GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL
  • 0 Addon Domains
  • 10 Sub Domains
  • 60% Cloud CPU
  • 1GB RAM Usage
  • 50% Disk I/O
Cpanel Basic
£5.50 Monthly
  • 4GB Web space
  • 20 Email Accounts
  • 40GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL
  • 1 Addon Domains
  • 40 Sub Domains
  • 65% Cloud CPU
  • 1GB RAM Usage
  • 60% Disk I/O
Cpanel Standard
£8.95 Monthly
  • 8GB Web space
  • 60 Email Accounts
  • 80GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL
  • 5 Addon Domains
  • 40 Sub Domains
  • 70% Cloud CPU
  • 2GB RAM Usage
  • 70% Disk I/O
Cpanel Pro
£12.95 Monthly
  • 15GB Web space
  • 150 Email Accounts
  • 120GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL
  • 14 Addon Domains
  • 60 Sub Domains
  • 80% Cloud CPU
  • 4GB RAM Usage
  • 80% Disk I/O

Included features

Continuous Backups

Automatic daily backups which you can restore at any time.

One Click Installs For 150+ Apps

Install Wordpress, Shopping Carts, Forums, Joomla etc, all from one click install.

Free Migration

If your host uses cPanel, we will migrate your account to Fast2host for free using our transfer tool.

Flexible PHP

Select your PHP version from 5.3 to PHP 7


Prevent any unauthorized access to your data. We block common attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection to all known vulnerabilities to Wordpress etc.

First-Class Hardware

Fast2host owns and operates its own datacentre on-site with 24/7 support and 99.95% uptime.

Cloud-Based Shared Hosting

All customers on the server are isolated from each other so if one site goes down everyone else is still safe and stable.

Resource Limits

CloudLinux utilizes a kernel-level technology to set resource limits per tenant. This ensures a tenant can never use more than their allocated resources, giving you 99.95% uptime.

App hosting with just a single click!

Whether you want to create a blog, a Joomla CMS, a web forum, use a CMS, a wiki, upload to your own photo gallery, or sell online with an E-commerce store, you can do so quickly and easily through our Installatron icon within cpanel.

Cpanel Hosted on CloudLinux

Our Linux Hosting is on CloudLinux servers that offer you dedicated CPU and RAM to your website:

Tenant Isolation

All customers on the server are isolated from each other so if one site goes down everyone else is still safe and stable.

Fast Security Patch Releases

Security patches are released fast to keep you and your customers safe.

MySQL Governor

Our software monitors MySQL usage, and throttles abusers preventing them from overloading the server, improving overall stability and performance.

Application Resource Limits

Set individual limits for your blog, applications, and your website so that a sudden spike to one will not take down the rest of your properties.

Choose your platform

Fast2Host - CloudLinux Cpanel Hosting


Fast2Host - CloudLinux Cpanel Hosting

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CloudFlare accelerates and protects any website online. On average, a website on CloudFlare:

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Use 60% Less Bandwidth

Has 65% Fewer Requests

Way More Secure

Maintain peace of mind with 24/7 UK based support

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