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Requires MYSQL Database
Licenseopen source


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PyroCMS is an open source content management application. Initially released in 2009, PyroCMS has grown rapidly, accepting code from over 120 contributors, and today PyroCMS powers more than 43,000 websites. PyroCMS takes a different approach to many content management systems and tries very hard not to try too hard. So many content managent systems try to do everything and they often end up seriously confusing the end-users. PyroCMS can make the majority of simple websites out of the box and will be the first 80% of anything more complex. When you need to fill in the final 20% you can take a look at the Add-on Store for existing modules, widgets and plugins or you can make your own and sell them afterwards.

By avoiding the full 100% we have built a much more usable system and we will keep it that way. The extensibility and simplicity of Add-on development makes it easy and financially viable for everyone.

  • General users will like the simple Word-like (WYSIWYG) editor, more technical users will love that they can add their own SEO, CSS and JavaScript. You can even switch to Markdown or plain HTML for your Page Chunks so you can create content however you like. PyroCMS can take you by the hand, or let you go all out.
  • You've created a super-awesome site with great content but it's no use if no-one can see it! That's why PyroCMS is built with SEO in mind, not only is it super fast(search engines love fast sites) but it also has automatic SEO built in and even has an analytics dashboard!
  • PyroCMS is so easy to theme anyone with basic HTML knowledge can create a great theme. Don't want to mess around creating your own theme? No worries, we've got you covered! Just head over to the Addon sections and you'll find a theme to get you going! PyroCMS Professional even has admin themes! Your site, your way.
  • Looking to extend the base functionality? Easy, with lots of developers creating addons and modules you'll be sure to find what you need. PyroStreams, Social Integration, Forums, Download Widgets and more, we've got it all!
-PyroCMS developer


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