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Fast & reliable dedicated connection - Fibre Leased Lines






uptime guarantee


dedicated ips

  • 12 months Min Contract Term
  • Up to 16 IP Addresses
  • Full DNS (inc reverse)
  • 4 hours Fix (for cable repairs)
  • 0.25% Packet Loss SLA
  • 49ms Latency SLA

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Fast2Host - Internet Connectivity

What is Leased Line ?

Leased Line is a term used for any dedicated bandwidth service delivered over a leased fibre connection. Leased Lines have potential bandwidth above 1Gb and can carry over distances up to 35km from our network, providing high speed uncontended internet connection. We can offer almost any speed and burstable. We can also supply private site-to-site connectivity with 100% SLA.

1:1 Ratio

Fibre Leased Line solutions from Fast2host offer dedicated 1:1 ratio connectivity backed by our 99.99% service availability guaranteed for businesses that require a highly reliable, always-on, fixed bandwidth connection to transport data, internet or voice traffic. Because your connection is not shared over normal telephone lines (as ADSL / Broadband is) you get guaranteed speed, reliability and better security. Because the connection is symmetrical you can upload data at the same speed as you download.

Equal Ratio Every Day !

On traditional broadband connections you may have noticed the connection slowing down at peak times, or even slowing down at the end of the month if your ISP has a fair usage policy. With our Leased Line you will be the only company using this connection (1:1 contention ratio), giving you guaranteed and consistent speeds both up and downstream. A 100Mbps leased line will give you 100Mbps for both upload and download all day, every day.

Service Level Agreement

As you can imagine, we want to make sure we deliver you the best service yhat we can. If there is a fault, we offer highly competitive SLAs which are confirmed within your contract. Obviously we are reliant on BT and the other physical cable providers that we use, but we will always keep you informed of progress. We open 24/7 so you don't need to worry about having difficulty in getting hold of us.

What we offer

  • Fully Managed Cisco Hardware
  • Corporate-Grade Dedicated Connectivity
  • Scalable Bandwidth From 10Mbps To 1Gbps
  • Dedicated 1:1 Business Connectivity
  • 99.99% uptime assurance
  • 24 hour respond-and-repair time
  • Unlimited Free 24/7 Technical support
  • 0% packet loss
  • One guaranteed fixed monthly bill
  • Free bandwidth statistics at any time
  • IP address assignment
  • DNS (inc reverse)

Managed Cisco Router (leased lines only)

A couple of weeks before your go live date we will ship a pre-configured Cisco router to you. This router remains the property of Fast2host during the length of the contract and is fully supported and managed during this period. Options to own the equipment are also available.

Site Survey

Within 10 working day the site survey will highlight any possible excess construction charges that may be incurred getting the fibre to your building. If you are not happy with these charges, you have the right to cancel the contract. We cover the fee that BT charges us for this, even if you choose not to go ahead.

IP Address Allocation

As standard we provide 8 IPs for your external network. 5 of these are usable, as we have to assign the other 3 to our network and routers. If you think you need more, that is just fine, just let us know how many and what they will be used for. We should be able to allocate up to 16 without too many problems.

Maintain peace of mind with 24/7 UK based support

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