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How to open an email message in Horde

How to open an email message in Horde

This tutorial assumes that you've already logged in to Horde webmail.

Now let's learn how to open an email message in Horde.

We can open the mailbox either by clicking the Inbox link or by clicking the Mail menu.

Here we see a listing of all mail currently in our Inbox. Highlighted emails indicate they have not been seen yet.

Let's open an email message now.

It is also possible to make an email you've already seen (or read), as unseen (or unread). Let's go ahead and do that now.

This is the email we chose to open.

Here, we can view the message in the email that we just opened.

Click the check box next to the opened email.

Right click on the email, then go to Mark As...

Uncheck the box next to Seen.

As you can see, the email is highlighted once again meaning it is unread/unseen.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to open an email message in horde.

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