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How to create vacation messages in Direct Admin

How to create vacation messages in Direct Admin

This demo assumes you've already logged in to Direct Admin

Now let's learn how to setup a vacation message

Scroll down...

Click the Vacation Messages link here

Click the Set Vacation Message link here

There are currently no vacation messages setup... let's set one up now

Scroll down...

Choose the email address for which you want this vacation message setup

Type your vacation message in this box

Then set the Start and End dates, between which this vacation message will be active

When finished, click the Create button

Let's delete the vacation message we just setup... click this check box

That's it! The vacation message has been setup, and will be sent automatically to anyone who sends an email to this address during the vacation time

You can return to this screen at any time to modify existing vacation messages, create new ones, or delete them altogether

Then click the Delete Selected button

The vacation message has been deleted

Click the Home icon here

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to setup vacation messages so people who email you while you're on vacation will be notified automatically

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