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How to password protect a directory in Direct Admin

How to password protect a directory in Direct Admin

Click Password Protected Directories

This demo assumes you've already logged in to Direct Admin

Now let's learn how to password protect a directory in our hosting account

There are currently no directories in this account, that are password protected

Let's locate a directory to protect.... click here

Let's password protect the Members directory in this hosting account... click the Protect link for the Members directory

Enter the Prompt for the login box that will appear when someone tries to access this directory

enter a username...

... and password

Then re-enter the password here

Click the Protection Enabled box to enable password protection for this directory

Click Save when finished

That's it! The Member's directory is now protected in that visitors will be prompted for a username and password before they can enter

Click the Home icon here

Click the Password Protected Directories link again

This link represents the directory we just protected. Let's click the link to manage it

Scroll down...

... and here we see a list of users that have been created and given password access to this directory

We can update an existing user's password by entering the username here, followed by the new password.....

... and we can also add new users to this directory by entering new usernames and assigning them passwords as well

Finally, we can delete existing users from having access to this directory by selecting them here and clicking delete

Here we can see that this directory has password protection enabled

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to password protect a directory in your hosting account, such that people will have to enter a username and password to enter it

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