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How to backup your website in Direct Admin

Click the Create/Restore Backups link

This demo assumes you've already logged in to Direct Admin

Now let's learn how to backup our website/files, and restore them

Scroll down...

This is the main backup screen, where you can select specific portions of your account to backup..... Leave everything checked if you want everything in your account backed up

Let's go ahead and create a backup of this account..... click Create Backup

Scroll down...

Now let's download the latest backup to our computer..... click here

The backup file has been created

Click Save

Click Save again

When the download is complete, click Close

Now let's go take a look at the backups we have stored in our hosting account..... click here

Click the Home icon here

Here is our backup, listed in the Backups folder of File Manager

Go back to Create/Restore Backups

Scroll down...

Select the file you wish to restore from this list

Now let's learn how to restore files from a backup

Then click here to restore the files

You can choose to restore only part of the account, by unchecking the boxes next to the items you don't want restored

Scroll down...

Let's restore the entire account.... click here

Scroll down...

Click here to return to File Manager

The account was successfuly restored

Now let's restore the backup that we previously saved to our computer

Scroll down...

Click Upload files to current directory

Locate the backup file on your computer

Then click Open

Click Upload Files

That's it! The backup has been uploaded to the server, and can now be used to restore the account

Click the Home icon here

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to backup your account to the server, or to your own computer..... and how to restore previously saved backups from the server, or from your computer

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