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How to install WHMCS

How to install WHMCS

This demo assumes you have a WHMCS license, and starts from their home page.

Now let's learn how to download and install WHMCS.

Click Login and log in to your WHMCS account.

Then click the Services drop-down.

Click My Licenses

Click the WHMCS license to get to the download page.

Download the latest version of WHMCS to your computer.

Next, use an FTP program to connect to your server... the place where you want to install WHMCS.

In our example, we're using FileZilla.

Once connected, upload the WHMCS zip file we just downloaded to your account.

Next, we need to extract the file. Go to your File Manager...

... locate the zip file you just uploaded, and extract it.

Next, rename the folder to whatever you want it to be.

Finally, navigate to this newly renamed folder...

Locate the file, and rename it configuration.php

The next step is to install WHMCS. Visit the installation folder we just renamed a minute ago in your browser, and navigate to the installation script, in the install directory we just extracted.

Read through the license agreement, and click I Agree.

Click Begin Installation.

Copy and paste your WHMCS License Key in the space provided.

You'll then have to enter your MySQL database details. Once you've set this up using your hosting control panel, enter the details here.

Setup your main Administrator account.

That's it! You've successfully installed WHMCS.

There are a few more steps you should take, but the one you HAVE to do before you can even login, is to delete the Install folder.

From your File Manager, navigate to your WHMCS folder...

Locate the Install folder, and delete it.

That's it! The Install folder has been removed from WHMCS and you can now login.

There are a few post-installation steps that should be taken before actively using WHMCS, and we'll cover those in the next tutorial.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to install WHMCS.

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