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How to configure automation settings in WHMCS

How to configure automation settings in WHMCS

This tutorial assumes you've already logged in to your WHMCS admin panel.

Now let's learn how to configure our automation settings.

Click the Setup tab.

Then click Automation Settings.

In order for the automation settings to work, you must have the WHMCS cron job set up. For details on how this is done, watch the tutorial earlier in this series

The first box of settings controls automatic account suspension and termination. Note that this will only function properly once WHMCS has been set up to work with your control panel(s)

Let's change the number of days a payment can be late before an account is supended

Click here to enable automatic account termination, and set the number of days past the due date before termination.

Now for the Billing automation settings.

The client will always receive email notification of an invoice when it's generated the number of days before the due date specified here.

You can setup reminder notifications here, which will only be sent if the invoice remains unpaid.

You can also add a late fee after a set number of days.

Next is the Credit Card Charging settings.

You can specify the number of days before the due date to attempt to capture the payment.

You also have the option of attempting the payment only once, or upon failure, retrying every week for X amount of weeks

When a credit card on file is about to expire, WHMCS will notify the client on the specified date of the month prior

There are only two Currency Auto Update Settings. By default, WHMCS will attempt to update the exchange rates every day automatically.

Product Prices however, will not be updated daily to reflect the exchange rates unless you check this box

The Domain Reminder Settings allow you to specify the frequency at which notices will be sent prior to a domain name's renewal date. You can send up to five notices

You can auto-close inactive support tickets after a specified number of hours

When finished with all your changes, click Save Changes.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to configuring your automation settings in WHMCS.

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