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How to edit your profile in Facebook

How to edit your profile in Facebook

This tutorial assumes you've already created a Facebook account, and are logged in.

Now let's learn how to edit your profile.

Click on your name here in the top menu bar.

Then click Update Info.

You can see the different sections of your profile where you can edit basic information about yourself.

Let's go ahead and add a workplace... somewhere you've worked.

As you begin typing your place of work, suggestions will pop up since lots of work places have their own Facebook pages.

Select your work place.

Then fill out any other information you wish.

Click Save Changes when finished.

Under Places You've Lived, you'll see your current city and hometown listed here, if you entered them when you created your account. Otherwise you can enter or edit them from here.

You can also enter such information as your mobile number, address, email address, etc.

Some people may use Facebook to announce their relationship status, but it's not necessary.

Any time you make changes to your information, don't forget to save them.

Let's continue adding more information.

You will often encounter fields that allow you to elaborate and enter more information, like specifically who you're in a relationship with, for how long, etc... you don't have to enter any of this, or you can... your choice.

Let's go back to the edit profile page.

That's it! We've successfully added more details in our profile.

You can always return to this page to make changes to your profile, as you get a new job, move, or want to add another school you've been to, update your relationship status, or more.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to edit your Facebook profile.

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