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How can I minimize downtime when transferring a domain to Fast2host?

Following these steps in order can help you minimize the downtime your Web site experiences as you transfer your site to us. In many cases, following these steps will result in no impact at all to your customers.

1. When you activate your account you will receive a welcome letter with information on how to setup your account. Setup your FTP account in order to upload your site. You will also find the host address in which to upload your files to.

2. Once your site has been uploaded you need to make sure the default page is setup correctly and that you have deleted original index.html file that your site was setup with.

3. To test your site you will need a temporary URL. You can create a temporary URL from within Helm by creating a domain alias like
Contact support if you dont understand and we will set this up for you. In Websitepanel this is known as the "Instant Alias".
4. Set up your email accounts, so that you will not lose any mail when you point your domain to your new account.

5. The next step is to contact your current registrar to have your nameservers changed to ours. Most registrars have a web interface that allows you to take care of this online.

Ask them (or find out from their Web site) how long it will take for your new domain information to propagate. That is how long it will take for your domain to point to Fast2host's name servers. Usually this takes 12-48 hours.

6. Once the above request is processed and the DNS information has propagated throughout the Internet, your domain will begin responding to web requests at Fast2host.

7. Now that requests for your site are taking web users to your new site and not your old site, you may now safely cancel your account with your previous hosting provider.


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