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How to find friends in Facebook

How to find friends in Facebook

This tutorial assumes you've already created a Facebook account, and are logged in.

Now let's learn how to find and connect with friends.

You can either search for friends and ask them to connect, or they can send friend requests to you.

New friend requests are indicated by this red icon.

You can confirm or delete friend requests from here, or go to the Find Friends page.

Let's confirm this friend request.

You can search for additional friends by using your email address.

In this case Facebook doesn't recognize our generic email address so it can't import our contacts. If we had a yahoo or messenger account, it could have.

Another way of searching for friends is by simply entering their name if the search field.

If you recognize your friend from their picture, go ahead and click them.

If this is indeed your friend, you can add him by clicking one of these buttons.

If you ever want to remove or unfriend someone, first go to your profile page.

Then click your Friends link.

You can unfriend them by clicking here...

Or you can unfriend them directly from their profile page.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to connect with friends on Facebook.

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