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Add dedicated IP to existing site

There's no feature to assign dedicated ip to an existing site in the control panel, however, you could assign it manually. You will have to do the following:


1. Modify the site bindings manually in IIS.

2. EDit DNS zones in Websitepanel

3. Update WebSitePanel database manually. You can run the following sql script:


declare@itemid int

declare@addressid int

select@itemid=(select ItemID


where PropertyName ='SiteId' and PropertyValue ='SITE_NAME')

select@addressid =(select AddressID


where ExternalIP ='IP_ADDRESS')


set ItemID =@itemid, IsPrimary =0

where AddressID =@addressid


set PropertyValue =@addressid

where PropertyName ='SiteIPAddressId' and ItemID =@itemid

Note: Replace SITE_NAME with the site name of the site you need to specify dedicated ip, replace IP_ADDRESS with the dedicated ip which you will assign to the site.

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