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Move user between resellers or serveradmin

How to move users from specific reseller to serveradmin

1. Open user home page and pick up UserID in browser URL

2. Open user space home page and pick up PackageID in browser URL

3. Every user in WSP has parent user and every package (Hosting Space) has parent package. In case user is created under serveradmin, then he has parent user serveradmin (always UserID = 1 in database) and parent package is System space (PackageID = 1 in db)

4. To move specific user from reseller to serveradmin use the following script on WSP database:

update [dbo].[Users] set OwnerID = '1' where UserID = USER_ID

USER_ID value from point 1.

5. To move specific hosting space from reseller space to serveradmin ?System? space use the following script on WSP database:

update [dbo].[Packages] set ParentPackageID = '1' where PackageID = PACKAGE_ID

PACKAGE_ID value from point 2

6. Login in panel as serveradmin and find moved user. Open space under user and go to space details.

7. Assign Hosting Plan. Please note that assigned plan should have enough quotas to cover your moved space, so we recommend before moving users, please create or prepare existent Hosting Plan for migrated clients.

8. This step required if you use custom path for you reseller folders. In other words if you keep your user folders under reseller folder.

If you use this option you should perform 2 additional steps:

a. Copy user folder from reseller folder to general folder for hosting spaces (name HostingSpaces by default). Please, use smart file manage that has option to save NTFS permissions in copy procedure.

b. Update Hosting Space file location in WSP database using following script.

UPDATE ServiceItems

SET ItemName = 'd:\hostingspaces\xxx' -- folder path (new folder path from point 8.a. )

WHERE PackageID = A -- packageid - SpaceID from request string in the Browser (you already have it in point 2)

AND ItemTypeID = 2

AND ServiceID = B -- serviceid - ServiceID of "OS" service

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