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What are EPP standards for .Com & .Net domains and what does it mean?

The global registry (Verisign), has recently implemented EPP security protocol for registrar transfer of .com and .net domains. Beginning October 28, 2006, these changes will affect transfer of .com and .net domains between all registrars.  This is now implemented and EPP codes are required for all .com and .net transfers between any registrar.

How will these changes affect you?

All registrar transfers now require a "transfer authorization key" or "EPP key" for each domain name being transferred.

Authorization/EPP/transfer keys/codes are generated by the current registrar and verified through the global registry for validity.

Currently, domains transferring between registrars must meet the following requirements:

• Transfer verification must be made to the gaining registrar by the domain’s registrant and/or administrative contact(s).
• The domain must be at least 60-days old.
• A domain must be in “ACTIVE or OK” status.
• If a domain is transferred between registrars, no transfer of the domain is allowed for 60-days from the date the transfer was complete. This is a restriction implemented due to ICANN's Transfer Policy and can only be bypassed or overridden in case of transfer dispute or legal proceedings.

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