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My catch-all email address doesn't work

Due to a bug in Smartermail, your catch-all email address may not work.

In this instance please contact us on so we can enable it for your domain, providing you can justify its use.

In doing so, please be aware that catch-all email addresses are a magnet for spam, and their use should be avoided if possible. It would be better to set up individual POP3 accounts as necessary.

We especially frown on catch-alls being forwarded to Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc. accounts, as they are a sure-fire way to get our servers blacklisted for spamming.

Anyone found forwarding catch-all email addresses to these mail domains may have the facility removed.

Maintain peace of mind with UK based support

Email any time or call 01480 26 00 00 014 80 26 00 00