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PocketPC and Smartphones sync mail

PocketPC and Smartphones

For our Windows hosting customers only

Over-the-air synchronization of contacts, calendars, and tasks with PocketPC and Smartphones utilizing Windows Mobile 2003 and higher can be accomplished with our mail server. Within the SmarterMail Web interface, users can go to the SmarterMail Client Utilities section of the Settings area to find the appropriate version of SmarterMail Sync for PocketPC or SmarterMail Sync for Smartphones.
Additional Options for SmarterMail 5.5 or Higher
For those users who choose not to use the SmarterMail Sync tools, an alternate solution is available for contacts, calendars, and tasks using the SmarterMail Enterprise Edition 5.5 or higher utilizing the PocketPC or Smartphone plug-in from (open source solution provider). The client provided by Funambol uses the SyncML 1.2 protocol, which is included within the Enterprise edition of SmarterMail 5.5 or higher. Within the SmarterMail interface, click the Settings button on the main toolbar and select SyncML in the My Settings folder from the left tree view to see what clients have connected to your mailbox and attempted synching. Logging of information, last successful synchronization, decision rules, and the ability to reset synchronization of devices is available from this area. For messages, users should setup an account within the Pocket Outlook application provided on the mobile device using either IMAP or POP3. IMAP is a newer protocol and keeps all messages and folders on the server. By using IMAP, you are able to log into the SmarterMail Web interface from anywhere and have access to the same messages and folders, as well as accessing them with a desktop application like Microsoft Outlook. Additional information about IMAP and POP3 set up and configuration is available in the SmarterMail online help.

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