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Which folder shall i upload to ? What are the default folders on my webspace and what are they used for ?

There are three folders on your webspace by default

1 ) WWWROOT (you should upload your website to this folder)

2 ) DB (for storing your databases)

3 ) LOGS (automatically generated by the server)


Each domain name hosted on our system has a "home directory". Within this directory, you store all the HTML files, images, scripts, databases and any other content associated with your website.

When logged into the home directory of one of your domains using FTP you will see the following folders:

WWWROOT This is the folder that the website for the domain name points to. Inside this folder, you should place your index.htm file as well as any other HTML files, scripts and images that make up your website.

DB This folder is for advanced users. Scripts running on your site have access to this folder but the folder is not directly accessible form the web. You should place any databases your site uses in this folder.

If you are using Password Protection for one of your websites, this folder is good place to put your password text file.

logfiles Every time someone visits your site, the system updates the current log file for your website. Your log files are stored in this folder and you can download them and delete them as you wish.


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